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Knowledgebase :: News Article :: What is the difference between the summary and the body? 

What is the difference between the summary and the body?

The News Summary is the introduction to a news article. The body is the bulk of the article.
When you have a lengthy article, we recommend you use the summary for the introduction, and the remaining text of the article. Doing so creates a format similar to a newspaper-your News front page will not be overwhelming for readers, but rather, it will list a host of articles with introductions to each article.
A link will automatically be created to link residents to entire articles that are posted on their own specific page.

This keeps your main News page clean and user friendly for readers. The aforementioned link is automatically created when text is place in both the summary text field and the body text field.

If you have a short article you wish to post, it is fine to post the article using the summary field only. A hyperlink will not be created to a separate page, but rather, the entire article will appear on the main News page.